Keno in Germany; A Different Take on Lottery

Keno in Germany is under the Lotto franchise and monopolized by the government. Keno is one of the most popular lotteries worldwide and has a broad history which started somewhere in ancient China during the Han dynasty. It went from China to Europe and eventually passed by Germany where the more popular Lotto 6 out of 49 was more widely played. Once Lotto became a general name to the German citizen, Keno was introduced as a subgroup of the Lotto franchise.

Keno now celebrates a wider player fan club and has become another popular form of lottery in Germany. In the United States Keno is played with 80 balls where twenty out of these 80 balls are being drawn and where the player has to mark twenty choices on their ticket. In Germany however, Keno is played slightly differently. In Germany Keno only has 70 numbers all in all and out of these 70 numbers, twenty are being chosen with a number generator that picks the number at random.

Depending on the Keno type that the player chooses to play, the numbers that have to be crossed are only two up to ten numbers. So in Germany, Keno is played with less balls and a smaller choice of numbers that you can pick. If the player has crossed more numbers, the probability of any number being chosen is very high and so is the final jackpot win.

The win also depends on the wager that you placed. Keno in Germany only allows small wagers which are 1, 2, 5 or 10 euro. In German Keno you can win up to one million euro per 10 right bets for the wager of 10 euro respectively. There is also a so-called plus 5, which is the draw of the last five numbers of your keno ticket. You can qualify yourself with 75 cents and you can win up to 5, 000 euro for just the small bet.

The Keno draws in Germany happen every day around 6:43 p.m. and the results are being televised everyday around five minutes after the Keno draw. The draw machine is located in only one city in Germany and is a worldwide unique piece of equipment that generates the Keno numbers at random. This machine looks like a pyramid and stands in a room that is hermetically sealed. The winning numbers are transmitted via infrared to another computer where the numbers are being aired.

The Keno lottery in Germany is quite unique and has its own style of game play; nevertheless, Keno still is rising in popularity and might be able to overpower the other German lotteries.